Stop(l)overs or stopover?

Stop(l)overs or stop&go?

It will be a long journey, so, you need a good place to stop and relax. Let we introduce el Molino de Burbáguena Hotel-Rest, the better place in your way to your home, doesn’t matter if it’s in Spain or in Great Britain.

Why we’re the best place? Just because we’re in the right place, we love good cooking, we’re pet friendly, we love calm and we offer it to you, we speak fluent english, do you need more reasons?

– The river Jiloca flows near our hotel, bringing to you the possibility of listen woodpeckers, nightingales, cukoos, nice sunsets, better walks at the riverside, and finally a glass of wine (Garnacha grape), what a landscape!

Stone bridge over the Pancrudo river, near the Jiloca river in Luco de Jiloca

– Gallocanta lagoon, between the middle of November and the middle of February thousands and thousands of cranes fly allover Europe to pass the winter in our land. Tha lagoon are the best place for this animals to pass the night, birdwatching are increasing, and many people are interested in.

– Medieval village of Daroca, the churches with their «mudejar» (muslim) style, unique in the world along the river, the clay («adobe» is a mixture of clay and thatch) buildings shows an ancient but clever methode using what they got around here.

Do you need more reasons? A middle stage on your route, a place to remember, a place that makes the difference between «stop & go» or «stop(l)overs»

Are you MoBU?


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